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What it’s all about…

I simply believe life is meant to be lived to the fullest. However, I meet too many people who aren’t living to their potential at all.

I think fear is one of the main reasons this is true. Fear, this intangible “thing” that lives between your ears. It can’t be seen, touched or caught…but it can be 100% deleted when you know what to do about it. Until then, fear can run your life and anytime you decide to reach outside your current parameters – fear will show up and push you back to who you always been…doing what you’ve always done.

I’m going to help as many humans as possible live up to their potential as possible.

Stay strong!



I’m a Certified Business & Life Coach, Consultant and Keynote Speaker.

I’ve been married over 33 years to my wife Shawn.

My clients span North America ranging from Solo Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 Companies.

I’ve studied and taught leadership for over 3 decades and have the gift of taking the complex and making it simple and relevant.

With over 15,000 hours of public speaking, I’m as comfortable having one on one conversations as I am speaking to 1000’s.

I run 2 businesses, Man Alive (BobGroves.com) & Bob Groves Coaching, each in the coaching and consulting field with specific focuses for personal and professional development.

Regardless of the context, my core value is always adding value to you by bringing relevant insights and solutions to your life, your leadership and your business


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